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Health, Retirement & Executive Compensation

 Group benefits are important, not only for the financial assistance they offer, but also for the security and peace of mind they provide for you and your employees' family should unforeseen needs arise. 

It all starts with our belief that the right employee benefits solution can help you reach today's 
goals and stretch for tomorrow's.  We take the guess work out of plan design to deliver the most meaningful coverage possible. 

We work for you – independent of any insurers or wholesalers. We are seasoned experts with objective advice, we negotiate with your insurers to reduce costs, resolve issues and advocate what matters to you and your employees.  

We do things a little differently

Our services include:

  •  Group Benefit Consulting
  • Pension Consulting
  • Executive Compensation
  • Employee Consultation
  • Plan design
  • Plan implementation
  • Administrative support

Rate Analysis

 The pricing of group insurance is dependent on many factors including:

  • the level and frequency of claims
  • the credibility given to the claims experience
  • the plan design
  • the composition of the group (age, gender, occupation, geographic region)
  • the insurer's administrative expenses for servicing the plan
  • the reserve requirements
  • the insurer's targeted profit margin
  • applicable taxes

All the above items are known entities with the exception of the level and frequency of claims. Differences in pricing amongst insurers result from their assumptions regarding future levels of claims, non-claims costs or retention, reserve requirements, and the method used for calculating renewal rate adjustments.

Sound Confusing...Let us do the work for you! 

Underwriting and Funding

 Group insurance pricing is influenced by the underwriting method or level of risk taken on by the insurer. Several funding and financial arrangements are available, each resulting in a different level of risk for the insurer and the insured. We'll guide you through the options and help you find a balance you're comfortable with. 

HR Policies and Processes

 Our CPHR certified consultant offers customized management consulting services in:

  • Job analysis and job descriptions
  • Recruitment and selections
  • New employee on-boarding
  • Employee Policies
  • Occupational Health and Safety programs
  • Performance Management
  • Training and development
  • Employee engagement
  • Outplacement services
  • HR 24/7

Corporate Health and Wellness

Our Certified Master Workplace Wellness Consultant and Certified Professional Ergonomist can provide training/education for all levels of personnel, assisting organizations in developing and implementing Corporate Health and Wellness initiatives/ergonomic programs. Services include:

  • On-Site Massage Therapy
  • On-Site Employee Mental Health
  • Ergonomic/Human Factors Services
  • On-Site Fitness Programs
  • On-Site Nutrition & Healthy Eating
  • On-Site Yoga
  •  Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s)
  • Physical Demands Analysis (PDA’s)
  • Job-Site Analysis (JSA's)
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • In-Home Functional Evaluation
  • Cost of Future Care/ Life Care Planning 
  • Graduated Return to Work Planning
  • Short Term Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 
  • Case Management Consulting


About Robert McGuire, Benefit Consultant

After attending both UNB and UNBSJ, Robert began his career 21 years ago with London Life as an independent financial advisor. During his time there he quickly became acquainted with the local group benefits wholesaler and developed a passion for group benefits and group retirement solutions. Working closely with business owners Robert has applied the skills he honed as an insurance advisor to developing corporate planning strategies specific to his executive clients.

Robert is currently working toward attaining the BPHA (benefits & private healthcare associate) designation which he expects to complete in August of 2019.